Monday, 8 October 2007

9/11 and Misery in Iraq - When Men Show How Big their Balls Are

9/11 and IRAQ

Some of us knew 9/11 was going to end up like it has. The 2 million who turned out in the UK's biggest demonstration for a start. We knew that 9/11 was just the excuse that George W Bush (and that w*anker Tony Blair) wanted to show how big his balls were.

What Should and Could Have Happened after 9/11

Does anyone imagine or desire to be in an alternative universe where decisions to unleash such awful carnage are outlawed by civilized societies? How about a alternative world where, instead of bloodthirsty retaliation, 9/11 was the basis for a worldwide evaluation that led to greater understanding? Where there were no solutions that endangered children in any way? Where those who died in the Twin Towers, their pain and the utterly irreligious, unjustifiable violence inflicted upon them, are now remembered as the catalyst that led to greater world understanding and a better quality of life for everyone? Where those victims were now heroes and where they didn't suffer horribly and die so millions more people could die the same?

Worse than Dying for Nothing

Back to out universe where those who died in the Twin Towers died as excuses for retaliation, and for the US to own more oil. Died to feather the nests of the unscrupulous who saw the potential to make money. They died so the actions of the United States of America and poodle Great Britain, in their name, could turn moderates to violent extremists. They died so USA and UK could practice killing and perfect better weapons to kill more.

What Really Happened after 9/11

Our politicians failed humanity by not using 9/11 to build a better world from the moral high ground which 9/11 offered them. They put the bullies in charge, slaughtered innocent children, women and men and sent their nations' young men and women to enforce their rules, many to early graves and many to suffer physical and mental injuries to live with until they die.

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Anonymous said...

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Polly Tick said...

Anybody can comment - look at these!
The right are massing their intellectuals - they prefer to stay anonymous... there's a shock...
Thank you boys