Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Margaret Thatcher and The American Dream

It is a few days since the 30th anniversary of Margaret Thatcher becoming the first woman Prime Minister of the UK. The nation’s radio and television News are marking the day by eulogising Saint Maggie of Assisi: Thatcher was correct in everything she did we just didn’t have the intellectual capacity to understand at the time.

Fortunately, as the stupid of Britain await and prepare to give the old tyrant a Lady Di Style state funeral, the internet offers space for a different take and a place to highlight some conveniently forgotten truths about this vilest of vile human being.

“There is no such thing as Society”

Thatcher’s overall aim was to let her designated clique to benefit by monetary rewards. The simplest way of doing this was to let the poor pay for the rich. This demanded that the paternalist tendencies of the Tory party, which acted to rein in this trait, had to be trashed and disassociated from Conservative orthodoxy. By making the statement that “there is no such thing as Society” this entirely non-socialist, non-Christian, self-centred, selfish aim – call it what you will - was fully revealed.

In a non-society there would be no social obligation to the vulnerable other than profiting from them. The macro-economics behind this policy was not difficult to calculate: If only one penny was taken from everybody in the UK the taker would be £500,000 better off. Enter the second and third conveniently forgotten truths:

The Poll Tax and “The Lady’s Not for Turning”

The Poll Tax was Thatcher’s “flagship” policy. “Why should my designated clique pay more to live in this country than that widow-woman down the road struggling to bring up three kids alone?” thought Thatcher before implementing the Poll Tax. Fortunately, on this occasion (as on another in the UK’s medieval past), she overlooked the radical poor who were prepared to declare Civil Class War – for that is what the Poll Tax riots were. Their (the Poll Tax protesters and those that refused to pay) determination and show of strength meant the “flagship” performed a U turn.

The Falklands Crisis "Crisis, what f'kin crisis - this was a WAR"

When is a war not a war? ANSWER: When it is a method to get the stupid to vote for in a pathologically evil tyrant. In the months before her third general election there was no way the stupid floating voters would have returned Thatcher for a third term of office. But Thatcher judged that the lives of young UK and younger Argentine men were expendable and would bring about her re-election. Hence the fourth conveniently forgotten truth is that Lady (Macbeth) Thatcher has buckets of blood on her hands.

Bad Samaritans and Thatcher’s American Dream

The fifth conveniently forgotten truth concerns the truth of what “the special relationship” entailed. It was openly about the North Atlantic’s domination of the world. The media forgets that it was substantially based on Thatcher’s sycophantic admiration for a certain type of American politics and its misinterpretation of the American Dream and meritocracy –namely that the strong shall have everything. This fitted well with Thatcher’s central tenet that “there is no society”.

Good Samaritans and Thatcher’s American Nightmare

The conveniently forgotten truth is that the special relationship was nothing to do (of course) with the “ask not what your society can do for you but what you can do for it” stance so admired by the kind and caring among the world’s population. Thatcher was diametrically opposed to such ramblings as much as she was opposed to justice for all. Thatcher’s American Dream materialised in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina but 30 years – give or take a hundred days – after she became the British Prime Minister the majority of American people voted for Barack Obama and ruined Thatcher’s retirement. That’s what we should be celebrating today.

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